The hallway, with amazing salon-hung artwork and trinkets along one entire wall, and an extra special custom designed hall runner!  ‘In 2010 I designed our hall rug :GIUFFRE FAMILY BONDI HOME’ explains Remo. ‘The compass points due north … exactly; but only in this precise orientation. In other words, this rug only “works” in this exact location and in this particular apartment. Everywhere else on earth it would be telling a lie. For me this was making a statement about the permanence of our move, not just to Sydney, not just to Bondi Beach, but to this apartment in particular. Will we be here forever? Maybe not. Four flights of stairs does not maketh a final resting place, but I reckon we’ll be here for a very long time, and the hall rug is there to celebrate that’.  Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.